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World Music & Cinema

Vol 2. Latin America

The second volume in this series focuses on Brazil and Cuba and in particular, the return of Brazilian ‘cinema novo’. Three exhilirating tracks are featured from City of God, the penetrating look at the world of the favela, by the young director Fernando Meirelles, also represented on this CD with music from his first film The Maids. Bicho de sete cabeças / Brainstorm by the director Lais Bodanzky pulls the spectator into his nightmarish vision, with the wonderful guitar playing of Zeca Baleiro, considered by many to be the heir apparent to Gilberto Gil. Two tracks by Gil are included on this CD from the score he wrote for Eu te eles / Me You Them by Andrucha Waddington, the story of the love life of an exceptional woman living on the margins of society in rural Brazil. Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki explored the connections between samba and batacuda in his documentary Moro no Brasil / The Sound of Brazil. In Janela da Alma / Window of the Soul by Joao Jardim and Walter Carvalho, a documentary on the sense of sight, Wim Wenders declares that ‘we also see with our ears‘. This is amply demonstrated by the music of Uakti in the poetic film by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Lavoura arcaica / To the Left of the Father. Tracks from O homen do ano / The Man of the Year by Jose Henrique Fonseca, Narradores / The Storytellers by Javé Eliane Caffé and O invasor / The Tresspasser by Beto Brant depict a cruel world, rich in memory and tradition.