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Zbigniew Preisner / It’s All About Love

This original soundtrack CD for Thomas Vinterberg’s new film It’s All About Love, is Preisner’s first large-scale work since Requiem for my friend. The score brings together orchestral, choral and solo performers, including Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer, English guitarist John Parricelli and the Polish soprano Katarzyna Trylnik. Preisner has created a fittingly panoramic and enigmatic score for Vinterberg’s chilling vision of the near future.

Orkiestra Smyczkowa Filharmonii Narodowej

Chór Warszawski conducted by Michal Nesterowicz

Chór Chlopiecy Filharmonii Krakowskiej im. Karola Szymanowskiego conducted by Lidia Matynian-Halon

Adam Stepniowski, solo voice

First released in 2004 on First Name Soundtracks.