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Borut Krzisnik / A Life in Suitcases

Borut Krzisnik is a Slovenian composer who writes and produces symphonic music by using the digitally recorded sounds of real instruments to create a virtual orchestra. But what distinguishes Krzisnik from so many other composers who compose on the digital keyboard is the originality of his ideas: strong and memorable melodic lines, unstoppable rhythms, inventive harmony, a kaleidoscopic orchestral palette from which emerges the sound of a super-real orchestra.

There are resonances of other composers – Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Bernstein, Zappa – but the musical voice we hear is distinctively different from them. Krzisnik has created a unique world of his own, at once familiar and strange.

This CD contains the principal themes from Krzisnik’s score for A Life in Suitcases, the new feature film and multi-media event by Peter Greenaway, due for release in 2006.

The CD will not be released to record stores and websites until the spring of 2006.